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Self-study for success with the Most CompleteTM CySEC Advanced, Basic or AML certification preparation courses

We obtain authorisations and licenses for regulated investment, payment, and crypto services

We ensure compliance with regulators such as CySEC, DFSA, ADGM, FCA, CBC, BoL, FSC and FSCA

We connect buyers and sellers in M&A for investment, payment, and crypto regulated entities


icensing, Compliance
& Internal Audit


We are here to guide you in finding the best jurisdictions and in complying with the relevant regulations.

Our team offers Crypto-Assets Services Providers (CASP), Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Electronic Money (EMI) and Payment Institutions, accurate advice and full support through a complete range of services relating to obtaining authorisation and licenses for regulated services.

Our primary goal is to understand your vision and challenges. We look at every task from different perspectives and that enables us to find solutions for you. Thus, we style ourselves as problem solvers and project managers.

Our clients are EMI, CASP, Investment Firms, CIF, and Investment Funds, seeking to establish a new license to offer their services, to acquire an existing license in a specific jurisdiction or to comply with their licensed entity’s regulatory requirements.


Our team offers Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Payment and Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), and Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP) accurate advice and valuable support through a complete range of services.


We regularly author to interpret new regulation, revisit a key concept or procedure and to share knowledge. Our content is focused on Licensing, Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Audit for Investment firms, Investment Funds, Electronic Money (EMI) and Payment Institutions.


We instil knowledge and expedite the learning curve in all relevant roles and duties to CBC and CySEC regulated entities and Certified Persons in CySEC’s Public Register, as well as members of the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) and ICPAC. Our workshops comprise of training, seminars and online courses. All count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement by the respective body.

Live Workshops

We regularly offer training, seminars and workshops in Cyprus and abroad.

Online Workshops

We are investing in ultra-high quality courses available online for self-study.

Certificate Validator

SALVUS is a pioneer in having all our issued certificates verifiable on the Blockchain.

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