Internal Audit

At SALVUS, we approach Internal Audit as a value-adding tool for the Board of Directors and the key stakeholders of the organisation.

Our purpose is to understand the strategy, business objectives, operational aspects and resources while taking the stakeholders’ perspective into primary consideration. The sound understanding of your organisation and needs, combined with our experience in Internal Audit, and technical and regulatory expertise, will contribute to the design and implementation of an Internal Audit Plan to address key risks, processes, and performance indicators.

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Each Internal Audit will reveal value-adding insights for you. We prioritise our recommendations based on their impact, the emerging risks and the resources available.

Agile Internal Audit
We strongly support and apply the Agile Internal Audit methodology which aims to answer the right questions in the right way at every stage of the audit by reducing lengthy reports and time-wasting efforts and shifting the focus to the impact of the deliverable and the ongoing progress.

Our methodology includes:

  • periodic desk-based and/or on-site Internal Audit inspections using a risk-based approach to identify potential areas of weakness in the established policies and procedures.
  • recommendations on how the firm can mitigate the risks identified and ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory framework based on our expertise and knowledge.

The Internal Audit Plan is followed by Fieldwork and finally, our Reporting to the Board of Directors and/ or the Audit Committee. While we are reporting to the Board of Directors and/ or the Audit Committee we value, anticipate and proactively engage in meaningful communication with the Process Owners and Key Stakeholders.

We believe that this is the right approach to maximise our contribution and align the interests between the operational and business functions, the support functions, the Board of Directors and the Regulatory Bodies.

Our Clients
SALVUS offers Internal Audit services to regulated entities operating in the financial services sector. In particular, our team specialises in the provision of Internal Audit and consulting services to Investment FirmsInvestment FundsFund Managers, Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), and Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP).

We look forward to being of value in covering your internal audit needs. Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss more.