In-house RTS 27 reporting implemented by SALVUS

We worked with the internal technology team of a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) for the automatic creation of compliant RTS 27 reports. The team at SALVUS provided support in;
1. Providing a detailed documentation of the project specifications, also mapping;
– the data that were required to be extracted,
– where the data were required to be presented,
– using the right formula and format.
2. Supervising and guiding throughout the implementation of the project,
3. QAing and verifying the output,
4. Delivering the solution for the quarterly reports on time.

In discussing with many entities interested in implementing such in-house solutions, we identified three main reasons;
1. Skepticism to share sensitive data with 3rd party vendors that offer this automation,
2. Culture of owning and understanding what needs to be reported and in what way,
3. Possessing internal technical capacity and ability to extract and convert these data as required.

We are confident we are able to help more investment firms to meet this and other obligations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Should you wish to know more please contacts us at info@salvusfunds.com.

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