Renewal of certified persons in the CySEC public register

All certified persons that are registered in the Public register should renew their registration for 2020, until 29 February 2020.

The renewal procedure must be performed through the CySEC website, by completing the renewal application and paying to CySEC the annual renewal fee of eighty euro (€80).

The certified persons must confirm upon renewal of their certification that they have completed their continuing professional development seminars (CPDs), by the end of 2019. The certified persons are required to attend seminars with topics that fall within the relevant legislation which applies to them and which relate directly to the duties which they will undertake as part of their certification, of a duration of:
 ten (10) hours for persons registered in the Public register for the basic examination
– fifteen (15) hours for persons registered in the Public register for the advanced examination

SALVUS team is ready to support you get successfully prepared for the AML certification exam. The seminars will count towards your CPD requirement hours for 2020 – contact us at info@salvusfunds.com.

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