EN#0113 – Canada EMI license entity for sale

Α Canada EMI license entity has become available for sale.

The Company offers

  • IBAN SEPA Accounts (GB IBAN)
  • SWIFT payments
  • CRYPTO Account for dealing in cryptocurrency
  • 300 000 EUR Capital registered for Card Business
  • Authorised to collect CAD for other financial institution (CAD Correspondent banking)
  • Full Core Banking platform with E-Banking features and API Modules to integrate with banks

Company’s operational overview

  • Hold accounts
    • Canada House Account
    • Canada Client fund Account only CAD
    • Europe SEPA IBAN Generator in UK
    • Europe SWIFT Account
    • Europe Exchange Crypto Account

The Company has

  • Office in Toronto with 2 part-time employees (AML/Compliance)
  • Office in Cyprus
  • Use of ‘leased’ technology from core banking with E-Banking solution integrated.

For further information of the sale, please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com

More entities for sale can be found within our Entity Acquisition or Sale service.

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