Cyprus investment funds upgraded on MorningStar

The efforts of CIFA for the upgrade of investment funds based in Cyprus to Grade 2 on the MorningStar platform have been successful. CIFA has committed to MorningStar that it will deploy the necessary to facilitate for the delivery of the required data from investment fund managers, and in turn on behalf of the managers, their commitment in timely submitting the data.

Investment funds based in Cyprus were previously are Grade 3, which makes them not rated and not visible on the MorningStar platform. Upgrading to Grade 2 makes the investment funds visible and rated for all investors to review. The rating (1 to 5 stars, the more stars the better) is objective and based on risk-adjusted returns by the investment funds, relative to similar funds.

The news are enthusiastically received by the investment funds industry in Cyprus. It will enhance the visibility of Cyprus based investment funds, CySEC and Cyprus as a jurisdiction.

The SALVUS specialists on Investment funds are here to answer all your questions on this development.


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