EN#0121 – Global banking group for sale

A global group with the following portfolio of banking licensed entities has become available for sale.

Portfolio of licensed entities included in the sale:

  1. United Kingdom and European Union: Merchant Banking and Brokerage (FCA regulated)
  2. USA: Private Banking and Wealth Management Institution (formerly SEC regulated)
  3. USA : Commercial Bank with Fedwire, CHIPS, SWIFT bank systems – regulated by Federal Reserve Bank and FDIC
  4. European Union: Commercial Bank with SEPA, RTGS, SWIFT, CHAPS, BACS, Fedwire, CHIPS bank systems – regulated by the European Central Bank (ECB)
  5. Switzerland – Private Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets Firm – regulated by FINMA

Key details:

  1. Assets : 130 Million Euros
  2. Capital : 20 Million Euros
  3. Book Value : 20 Million Euros
  4. Revenue (annual) : 10 Million Euros
  5. Number of commercial bank branches : 6 located in 6 major cities
  6. Number of executive offices : 9 located in 4 countries
  7. Employees : 50

Deal terms:

  • Asking price of EUR 40.000.000 (forty million Euros), payable in a combination of either Euro, Pound Sterling or US dollars.

For further information on this rare opportunity, please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com

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