VC #0016 – Marketing Intern

Role Description

We are looking for a Marketing Intern that aspires to become a top Branding & Marketing business athleteTM.

You are looking for an environment where you will be respected, challenged and grow.

It is important for us that getting things right and doing the right thing are important things for you. While you will be guided into delivering results and fully supported in all aspects of your journey with us, it will take your personal ambition to achieve more.

This role requires someone that enjoys variety and is a methodical planner. We will need you to

  1. be studying and interested in branding and marketing,
  2. be naturally thorough in all you do,
  3. and genuinely be passionate about improving things – better marketing, better branding, better messaging, better you.

Being a team player with an eye for detail, great organisational skills, and a positive, problem-solving attitude will help you succeed and be effective in this role.

Job Description

  • We own and operate multiple brands. Therefore, you will be guided into managing multiple brands, refining their individual brand bibles, and keeping all of our brand touchpoints consistent.
  • You will be trained to identify potential brand interactions within our ecosystem and you will be part of the team that will plan on how to exploit these under our supervision.
  • We are active on multiple marketing channels, that are different for each brand. There are channels we know we should be active on, yet we are not. There are channels we do not know we should be active and are not. You will be educated on analyzing our current and potential marketing channels for each brand and keep records to effectively and efficiently employ them to our brands’ benefit.


  • Studying towards a Marketing or Branding degree.
  • Knowledge of MS Office and fluency in English.

And a few things about SALVUS

SALVUS is a boutique advisory services group that combines unparalleled expertise and an unwavering focus on delivering for its clients. We support investment fund managers, global investment firms, family offices and electronic money institutions (EMI) operating worldwide.

At SALVUS we want you to reach your full potential. We offer the environment to support your career aspirations, with a strong emphasis on continuous learning and a genuine interest in your professional and personal growth.

Please get in touch by sending us your CV and a cover letter at grow@salvusfunds.com.

We look forward to and would love to hear from you.

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