EN#0122 – Mauritius entity available for sale – SOLD

An Investment Dealer licensed in Mauritius is available for sale. This is a full service dealer excluding underwriting, which means it possesses a full license to be either a market maker or STP or both.

The entity’s license was issued in 2020 with capital requirement of 1,000,000 MUR ($33,333 USD).

There are 2 directors and 1 secretary in place. Nevertheless, the entity does not have a bank account.

Mauritius taxation

  • No tax on dividends and income;
  • No capital gains or inheritance tax;
  • No exchange control restrictions;
  • 100 % foreign ownership;
  • Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital;
  • No stamp duty and no capital duty levied on the issue of share capital
  • The company will be taxed on its chargeable income (including dividends, interests and other income, but not capital gains less expenses) at a corporate  rate of 15% which is reduced to a net effective tax rate of 3% or even less *

*The standard corporate income tax rate is 15% in Mauritius. But for an offshore company which holds a Global Business License, the tax rate is reduced to 3% since such companies benefits from a tax credit of 80% (on 15%). The effectively tax rate of 3% can be further reduced by offsetting the tax already suffered outside Mauritius and hence, the income tax rate can be further decreased to 0%.

The tax is payable after the audited financial statements have been submitted to the authorities and within 6 months from the balance sheet date.

For further information of the sale, please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com

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