Head of Brokerage

VC#0021 – Head of Brokerage

On behalf of our client, we are looking for a Head of Brokerage business athleteTM for a full-time role based in Limassol, Cyprus.

Role Description

The successful candidate for the role will require the ability to effectively manage and motivate the Dealing/Brokerage team throughout the 24-hour trading day and ensure the Brokerage Department successfully executes its duties and responsibilities.

Duties & responsibilities

The Head of Brokerage must be an experienced individual with the competence to oversee the following tasks and that they are executed by their Brokerage Department:

  • Managing the set-up and configurations on MT4/MT5 admin
  • Monitoring of all trading instruments and platforms
  • Monitoring clients’ trading activity
  • Monitoring the Company’s exposure and analysing/reporting risks
  • Prepare reports for the management and CySEC
  • Collaborate with the Risk Management Department
  • Ensure Best Execution of client orders and trades
  • Execute financial instrument transactions in accordance with the IOM of the Company.
    • The procedure to be followed is determined below:
      • Compare the prices offered by several Brokers for the specific instrument,
      • Choose the best offer before trading,
      • Execute a trade, with the Broker giving the best price on the specific instrument required.
    • Review/test various plugins
    • Manage gateways and LP monitoring
  • Identify abusive traders
  • Review price feeds, spreads, commissions, and swaps
  • Reporting/reviewing the daily P&L and Brokerage
  • Conduct the onboarding and refresher training courses for dealers to carry out their duties effectively
  • Keep records of all transactions executed through Brokers for further reference. All records of transactions are saved daily and checked in case of any errors.
  • Facilitate the relevant corporate actions as required
  • Facilitate the input of relevant swap rates
  • Always comply with the Brokerage Policy of the Company and report directly to the CEO.

Please get in touch by sending us your CV and a cover letter at grow@salvusfunds.com.

We look forward to and would love to hear from you.


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