Head of ICT

VC#0022 – Head of ICT

On behalf of our client, we are looking for a Head of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) business athlete™ for a full-time role based in Limassol, Cyprus.

Role Description

The successful candidate for the role will be an experienced professional with the competence to effectively oversee and manage the IT Department. Under their management, successful the Head of ICT will maintain a high level of support to internal and external stakeholders and ensure smooth operations of the IT Department.

Duties & responsibilities

The successful candidate must also have the ability to handle the below job responsibilities:

  • Onboarding, managing, and maintaining the trading infrastructure (MT4 and MT5 Systems), trading servers and related platforms
  • Ensure the backup and recovery systems, monitoring systems and IT Operations environments
  • Continue to enhance and apply the ideal setup for trading infrastructure in terms of structure, security, and failover
  • Configuration of plug-ins
  • Responsible for handling and solving issues that may arise in the daily operations
  • Work closely with external service providers for all related to platforms and servers matters such as updates, maintenance, troubleshooting etc.
  • Manage third-party software vendors and their interactions
  • Develop and/or enhance policies, procedures, and documentation for each process/functionality of trading/IT infrastructure
  • Perform routine audits of trading platform systems and software
  • Answer technical queries and troubleshoot any reported problems
  • Perform periodic health and performance checks of all trading platforms and systems
  • Perform basic as well as advanced reporting and other business intelligence data related to the trading platforms
  • Perform any other activity assigned by the Chief Information Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer from time to time
  • Advise the Chief Information Officer of recommendations on how to increase the quality and speed of services
  • Responsible for the proper and efficient development and filling of all documents relating to the above procedures
  • Deploy and maintain vendor-delivered trading and Trading Support Systems
  • Initiate, coordinate, and enforce all systems, policies and procedures implemented by the company to ensure that the IT department is meeting company standards
  • Ensure the maintenance of local computers and remote desktops as well as associated software
  • Coordinate timetables and resources with the data centre and user departments to complete projects on time
  • Ensure continuous monitoring and enhancement of all software and infrastructure
  • Establish and enforce organization standards to maintain a high level of customer service to our internal and external customers
  • Manage the IT Department and ensure general IT maintenance within the office as directed by Senior Management

If you are interested in becoming a Head of ICT in Limassol, please get in touch with us by sending us your CV and a cover letter at grow@salvusfunds.com.

We look forward to and would love to hear from you.


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