operational EMI for sale

EN#0149 – Profitable operating EMI licensed in Lithuania for sale

A fully operating, profitable Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licensed by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL) has become available for sale. This licensed EMI offers;

  1. Complete Crypto Setup:
    1. To access exchange order book liquidity for B2C/B2B operations & own treasury management
    2. To access OTC liquidity for larger transactions with Escrow capability
  2. IBAN accounts in EUR with SEPA payments:
    1. To process B2C/B2B client funds transactions
    2. To send and receive payments to employees/partners/clients
    3. To send funds directly between exchanges
    4. With API connectivity to automate payments

This EMI has been profitable in 2021 and is projected to be profitable in 2022 as well. Other highlights include;

  • IBAN account solution addition supported annual revenue growth of +197% YoY
  • Estimated 2022 results increase revenue 2x by a further increase of existing fees and launch of new SWIFT payments in the late year
  • Total revenue expected to grow at +49% YoY
  • Key revenue streams contributors are subscription (35% of total revenue), payment (33%) and account balance (7%) fees
  • 65% of total volume traffic generated by Estonia (25%), Lithuania (16%), Cyprus (10%), Belgium (7%) and the United Kingdom (7%)
  • Around 67% of traffic supported by crypto exchanges & remittances industries
  • Average annual revenue per customer improving rapidly YoY

This listing is suited for a group or investor strategically positioned to accelerate the growth of a fully licensed and fully operating EMI out of Lithuania.

For further information on this Lithuania EMI license, please contact our Mergers & Acquisitions team at [email protected]. More entities for sale can be found within our Entity Acquisition or Sale service


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