CySEC XBRL portal

Submitting the first prudential report through CySEC’s new XBRL portal

On the 27th of January, the SALVUS Regulatory Compliance team became the first to successfully submit the prudential supervision Form165-01 to CySEC through their new XBRL portal.

Our team’s successful submission occurred roughly 48 hours after CySEC published Circular C546 which mandates Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) reporting on a solo or consolidated basis, and Union parent companies reporting on a consolidated basis, to register, prepare, and submit the prudential forms to CySEC’s new XBRL portal. CySEC indicated that to comply, CIF and Union parent companies had until the 31st of January to successfully submit their prudential forms.

Since our team’s first submission, we followed with an additional 3 successful submissions before CySEC announced an extension to the deadline for Class 2 CIF for the submission of the Q1, Q2, and Q3 2022 forms. As such, the deadline has been extended to the 10th of February (Q4 forms are due by the 11th of February).

The SALVUS Regulatory Compliance team is ready to help you prepare and submit all forms related to Prudential Supervision for compatibility with the CySEC TRS and the CySEC XBRL Portal.

For more regulatory reporting obligations that CIF are required to fulfil in 2023, please visit the SALVUS Regulatory Reporting Obligations Calendar™ 2023.

Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com if you would like additional information or help to submit your prudential forms to achieve regulatory compliance with CySEC.


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