Cyprus Fintech Summit 2023

SALVUS x Cyprus Fintech Summit – the unveiling.

We are excited to formally announce our strategic partnership with the Cyprus Fintech Summit (CFS). The relationship between SALVUS and the CFS has been developing for years and we look forward to sharing the story of this next-level collaboration as it unfolds.

What is the Cyprus Fintech Summit?

Since 2021, the Cyprus Fintech Summit has become one of the fastest-growing fintech events in Europe. The CFS is an international summit dedicated to financial technology attracting high-calibre C-suite executives, fintech startups, and investors.

Moreover, thought leaders are invited to lead and converse on the main stage through value-adding panel discussions where knowledge and expertise are shared on FinTech, RegTech, crypto, blockchain, banking, payments and more. Hence, the CFS is a hub for fintech professionals to connect, network, and build meaningful relationships.

The backstory of the SALVUS x Cyprus Fintech Summit partnership

We were invited to participate in a panel in the first edition of the Cyprus Fintech Summit. This was in January 2021 and right in the eye of the COVID storm. The challenges that period brought for fintech companies, startups or established, were unprecedented. The conditions for successfully organising the first-ever edition of an ambitious event in that climate were the worse. Yet, the team at CFS persevered, connected all the dots, and put together an incredible event for everyone involved.

We were hooked.

Since then, especially because of that challenging beginning, our motivation for supporting the CFS has been growing. We got to participate and share our insights on regulatory compliance for investment services, payments services and crypto-asset services provisions. We now choose to align our brand further with the Cyprus Fintech Summit to increase its visibility, and further foster the fintech community’s engagement. We choose this way to demonstrate SALVUS’ commitment to supporting the fintech industry through an event that provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and showcasing of fintech products or services to a relevant and engaged audience.

Cyprus Fintech Summit

Image – SALVUS Risk & Compliance Director and Partner, Evdokia Pitsillidou, at a panel discussion at the CFS2022, Carob Mill.

What to expect at the upcoming #CFS2023 – 4th edition

This year, the CFS is coming back with #CFS2023, stronger than ever before – it’s that feeling again!

Taking place on the 1st of September on the South coast of Limassol, Cyprus, the CFS2023 is a must-attend summit for professionals operating in the fintech space.

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Grab your ticket at one of the fastest-growing fintech summits in Europe and learn about the future of financial technology – we look forward to seeing you there.

P.S. Members attending are in for a surprise gift that will commemorate the 4th edition of the Cyprus Fintech Summit.

Contact us at info@salvusfunds.com if you would like additional information about the Cyprus Fintech Summit and the 4th edition of their event.


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