Mauritius PIS license

EN#0185 – Mauritius PIS license for sale

A Payment Intermediary Services (PIS) license regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius is available for sale.

This PIS licensed entity for sale in Mauritius allows to set-up a payment gateway business and to offer services of electronic payments acceptance through such payment methods as payment cards and wire transfers (direct debit, bank transfers of various kinds, real-time transfers etc.).

Additionally, the entity for sale has the following features:

  • No trading history and clean records
  • Timely filed annual reports and corporate tax filings
  • Operational bank account
  • Setups with services providers including but not limited to:
    • Accounting, and
    • Records keeping.
  • Organisational structure:
    • 2 local directors,
    • Local MLRO, DMLRO, and Compliance Officer, and
    • Local company secretary approved by the FSC.
  • Additional share capital to be paid upon change of ownership

For further information on the sale of this PIS license regulated by the FSC in Mauritius, please contact our Mergers & Acquisitions team at info@salvusfunds.com. More entities for sale can be found within our Entity Acquisition or Sale service


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