FCA Matched Principal Broker

SALVUS successfully facilitates acquisition of an FCA Matched Principal Broker in the UK

Last month, the SALVUS Mergers & Acquisitions team completed yet another successful acquisition of a licensed entity for sale. The latest SALVUS M&A success story ensured our clients acquired their target entity*, which is a Matched Principal Broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

*Target entity refers to our listed EfS EN#0180.

For the past decade, the SALVUS M&A team has been specialising in the successful facilitation of buying and selling regulated CFD brokerages, payment and electronic money institutions (EMI), and crypto exchanges, operating in various jurisdictions across the globe. Our diligent work along with our project management approach has helped us establish a trusted network of partners and UBOs that enable us to move fast and handle projects of this nature and beyond.

The successful acquisition of this FCA-regulated brokerage was largely due to the prompt action of both the acquirer’s and the seller’s internal and external teams. Nikolas Xenofontos, Managing Director at SALVUS, led the project and guided both teams. However, without the collaborative effort from all stakeholders, the successful change of ownership would not have been possible.

Moreover, the accomplishment of handling the acquisition of this FCA Matched Principal Broker showcases our team’s expertise, experience, and proficiency in dealing with such complex transactions.

The signing of the Shares Purchase Agreement (SPA) is always a celebratory moment for all parties involved due to the complexity and work required around such a project. Further, the SALVUS M&A team is always eager to support the acquisition or sale of a regulated entity and we are delighted to have now surpassed the 200 Entities for Sale (EfS) milestone. Our EfS service is led by our M&A team and includes services such as supporting negotiations, streamlining processes and communications, compliance, legal, and financial due diligence checks, to name a few.

For more information on our EfS service where we help buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of acquiring or selling regulated entities in the UK, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Mauritius, South Africa and many more jurisdictions, visit our Entities for Sale page here.

At SALVUS we are always looking to grow our team of business athletesTM, and as such we have a few different job opportunities available for graduates and more experienced professionals. If you or someone you know is looking for a challenging yet meaningful career, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at info@salvusfunds.com if you are looking to buy or sell a regulated entity; we look forward to being of value.


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