FSP category I license

South Africa FSCA Category I license successfully acquired through SALVUS

Recently, the SALVUS Mergers & Acquisitions team has completed several high-profile deals – the latest is the successful acquisition of an FSP Category I license* regulated by the FSCA in South Africa.

*Entity refers to our listed EfSEN#0178.

The successful acquisition of this Financial Service Provider (FSP) Category I license regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa was a complex transaction and the collaborative effort from all sides helped successfully complete this deal in a timely manner.

The M&A team at SALVUS is led by our Managing Director, Nikolas Xenofontos, who has been dealing with such M&A deals for multiple years. Nikolas and the M&A team at SALVUS specialise in successfully facilitating buying and selling regulated CFD brokerages, payment and electronic money institutions (EMI), and crypto exchanges established in jurisdictions around the world. Our success is due to us paying attention to the details, communicating promptly with all parties, and creating a clear plan of action. Additionally, over the years we have established a trusted network of M&A professionals and UBOs which enables us to handle such projects.

In the case of this recently acquired FSP Category I license, Nikolas and his team proficiently navigated the complexities of this high-profile acquisition by implementing the SALVUS project management approach. The Shares Purchase Agreement (SPA) was signed last month between the seller of the regulated entity and the new shareholders.

For more FSP Category I licenses for sale and to learn more about our Entities for Sale (EfS™) service where we help buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of acquiring or selling regulated entities, visit our Entities for Sale page here.

Additionally, if buying or selling regulated entities excites you, we are always looking to grow our team of business athletesTM. We have a few different job opportunities available for graduates and more experienced professionals. If you or someone you know is looking for a challenging yet meaningful career, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at info@salvusfunds.com if you are looking to buy or sell a regulated entity; we look forward to being of value.


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