South Africa FSP for sale

EN#0215 – Crypto-products FSP Category 1 & Category 2 license for sale

An authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP) license in South Africa regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is available for sale.

This South African Category 1 & 2 FSP license for sale has been authorised since 2020 and is a clean license with no operations or activities currently. It can provide the following Category 1 & 2 financial services. This FSP is also set to be one of the first to receive the FSCA crypto-product authorisation approval.

South Africa’s regulatory authority (FSCA) is on the verge of issuing licenses to crypto-asset services providers (CASP). The FSCA’s development is expected to increase the value of FSP companies operating within the crypto space thus, making an FSP license even more valuable than before.

Once South Africa’s FSCA finalises the incorporation of CASP licenses within its regulatory framework, FSP companies that are active in the crypto space are set to reap the benefits of the growing crypto and investor market.

Category I FSP

Financial ProductAdvice (automated)Advice (non-automated)Intermediary ScriptedIntermediary Other
Derivative instrumentsX
Long-term DepositsX
Short-term DepositsX

Category II – Discretionary FSP

Financial ProductAdvice (automated)Advice (non-automated)Intermediary ScriptedIntermediary Other
Long-term Insurance subcategory B1X
Long-term Insurance subcategory CX
Retail Pension BenefitsXX
Pension Funds BenefitsXX
Money market instrumentsXX
Debentures and securitized debtXX
Warrants, certificates, and other instrumentsXX
Derivative instrumentsXX
Participatory interests in one or more collective investment schemesXX
Long-term DepositsX
Short-term DepositsX

This FSCA licensed FSP for sale has a Key Individual in place along with a Compliance Officer and all documentation for due diligence can be provided once an agreement on the price has been reached.

For further information on this Category 1 & Category 2 FSP license authorised by the FSCA in South Africa, please contact our Mergers & Acquisitions team at info@salvusfunds.com. More entities for sale can be found within our Entity Acquisition or Sale service.

SALVUS Funds’ teams can be engaged for guiding on new license authorisations for investment, payments or crypto-asset services, ongoing regulatory compliance consultancy for such licensed entities, and support in successfully acquiring ready-made regulated entities.


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