Best Execution & RTS 27/28 Advisory

The founding members of SALVUS have extensive experience in actually managing risk for Investment Firms and Investment Funds. We have ensured compliance with the Best Execution requirements, and have been successfully inspected by the regulator while holding the position of Executive Director, Risk Manager and Head of Dealing on Own Account.

The SALVUS team provides guidance and training for our client’s internal teams on the implementation of adequate best execution procedures. We work with you as follows;

  • Review and advise on your existing order execution policy and Key Information Documents (KIDs) or draft them on your behalf,
  • Support the team to perform their best execution yearly review in all trading platforms through an internal on-site inspection,
  • Provide preparation for a Best Execution inspection from the regulator,
  • Provide monitoring support to ensure the Best Execution procedures are followed,
  • Handle questions from the regulator in relation to Best Execution, RTS 27 and RTS 28,
  • Prepare the RTS 28 summary report of the quality of execution as per previous years’ business activity,
  • Provide compliance GAP assessment analysis of the existing solution for RTS 27 & 28 reports,
  • Prepare the RTS 27 report by using your existing data (prior an automated solution) and implementing an in-house or a third-party automated solution.

We look forward to supporting you in covering your Best Execution obligations. Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss more.

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