Crypto and Virtual Asset Service Providers

Crypto and Virtual Asset Service Providers (CASP/VASP) are the business models suited for the provision of regulated activities related to crypto assets depending on the jurisdiction in target. Our clients range from crypto businesses already providing crypto asset activities to investment firms and groups of companies that wish to enter the crypto asset market.

The SALVUS Crypto-Assets Licensing team

At SALVUS, we maintain a dedicated Crypto-Assets Licensing team. We welcome all your questions about CASP or VASP registrations and licensing at info@salvusfunds.com.

Our Crypto-Assets Licensing team has been leading the discussion on cryptos regulation and possesses extensive experience in dealing with different regulators and jurisdictions. This enables us to establish your business as a CASP or VASP according to the rules stipulated by the relevant regulatory framework.

The SALVUS Crypto-Assets Licensing team is able to support your crypto business needs ensuring a successful licensing or registration. We work in coordination with your team and the national competent authority of the selected jurisdiction to complete the application process. This includes the collection of the required information and the preparation of a complete and well-supported application package according to regulatory requirements.

We support you and your business through our project management approach. Acting on your behalf, we submit the application package to the regulator and lead any correspondence in between. We further assist with your license activation and post-licensing regulatory obligations.

We proactively engage with regulators around the world that launch frameworks to regulate the provision of crypto-assets services. In doing so, we have established great lines of communication for delivering to our clients in Europe through the Markets in Crypto-Asset (MiCA) regulation and CySEC’s CASP framework, in the UAE through Abu Dhabi’s FSRA and Dubai’s VARA and for VAITOS in Mauritius through FSC to name a few.

Our CASP registration services

Our Crypto-Assets Licensing team at SALVUS provides the following services and will help you:

  • deciding on the form of a group’s presence in the jurisdiction of preference, taking into consideration any existing entities and structure
  • preparing the Crypto-Asset Services Provider (CASP) registration application package in full alignment with regulatory requirements and, among others;
    • propose and/or assemble a qualified, fit and proper board of directors, management and key employees team
    • design an optimised operational and organizational structure
    • prepare the regulatory business plan and provide guidance in the financial forecasting required
    • draw the Operations Manual which will reflect your specific business model and offering
    • compose the AML Manual and the associated policies and procedures
    • assist you in gathering all the necessary documents
    • complete the application form, associated checklists and guide in the completion of the related questionnaires for the shareholders, directors and heads of departments of the applying CASP
    • correspond with and handle regulator’s queries and requests relating to the application.

Post-registration, we work closely on a day-to-day basis with our clients and partners for;

  • Drafting and/or reviewing the
    • Client Account Opening Questionnaires
    • Compliance Monitoring Programme
  • Submitting reports and corresponding with the regulator
  • Performing and assessing compliance gap analysis
  • Evaluating systems, controls, policies and procedures
  • Guidance with the preparation of annual/quarterly/monthly reports
  • Preparing and handling onsite inspections
  • Remaining up to date with regulatory developments and notifications
  • Reviewing marketing material and website compliance.

Ready-made licenses for acquisition or sale

Through our entity acquisition or sale support, we are active in dealing with existing VASP or CASP licenses’ change of ownership, either on behalf of the seller or the buyer. We start with the identification of a registered or licensed entity suited to your business objectives and proceed with negotiation between parties for transaction finalisation.  Furthermore, we handle compliance and financial due diligence of the entire process.

It is our mission and culture to contribute to your crypto business’s success. Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to request more information from our Crypto-Assets Licensing team at SALVUS.