Human Resources Services

The team at SALVUS has nurtured a network of high-calibre financial services professionals with top-performing experience in investment firms, investment funds and electronic money institutions (EMI). We term this group of people Business AthletesTM and through our recruitment service, we are in a position to fill any personnel need you will come across.

Our experience and active involvement in all phases of running an investment firm or investment funds, enable us to provide tailored training to inexperienced personnel or newly formed departments.

Finally at an individual level, for those seeking to further develop their professional profile with relevant skills we offer live and online workshops. One-on-one coaching is even available for those seeking to become Business AthletesTM and demand more.

business athleteTM

bɪznəs ˈæθˌliːt/
1. an individual that exhibits high-performance and above-average work ethic in business, comparable to world-class athletes

We look forward to being of value in covering your human resources needs. Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss more.