Transaction Reporting Advisory

Demanding transaction reporting regimes exist across the world. Thousands of data points are reportable and reported in each jurisdiction’s transaction reporting regime. Regulated entities must comply with a daily, quarterly and yearly transaction reporting.

Our team was the first and only team to submit on time for the then newly introduced EMIR in 2014. We will meet with your internal teams, to understand your needs and complications. We will support your internal compliance team, provide training and knowledge for you to comply with the regulation.

Our team is composed by specialists in the different jurisdictions including;

  • The European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR),
  • The European Market in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR),
  • The Australian Derivative Transaction Reporting (ASIC),
  • The Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR),
  • The Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS 28) report on the Execution Quality Summary Statement,
  • The Regulatory Technical Standards of (RTS 27) report on Execution Quality of Transactions.
  • The ex-post information on Cost and Charges.

We study your specifics for these requirements extensively and advice on cost-effective methods of compliance.

We have been ensuring compliance for a number of Investment Firms and have led in-house project developments of;

  • the EMIR regulatory reporting with direct reporting to the Trade Repository (TR),
  • the ASIC regulatory reporting with direct reporting to the Trade Repository (TR),
  • MiFIR regulatory reporting with direct reporting to the regulator (CySEC),
  • the RTS 27 regulatory reporting development of the required tables by using your existing data (prior an automated solution) and implementing an in-house or a third-party automated solution.

Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss  your transaction reporting needs.

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