SALVUS streamlines on-demand monitoring and stress testing CAR

A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) requested support from our team in regards to their Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) monitoring and reporting obligations. In particular, the CIF needed to be able to calculate and monitor their CAR at any given time, on-demand, as streamlined as possible.

Using our internal capabilities, and the form 06.1 by CySEC, SALVUS we delivered a tool for the CIF to use and update their CAR calculation based on the current trading activity and financial accounts.

Furthermore, the firm was interested to include performing stress tests as part of this tool. This was for the CIF to be able identify how much more risk they can handle based on the existing share capital, and in other scenarios. The stress test feature was built within the tool, and it is an additional layer of monitoring much more detailed than the minimum to meet the regulatory obligations, and demonstrates the CIFs continues investment and attitude towards compliance.

If your team needs support on quarterly Capital Adequacy Reporting or to calculate on a daily basis the Capital Adequacy Ratio, feel free to contact us. We can help.

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