EN#0117 – FCA licensed IFPRU (£125k) brokerage for sale

An FCA licensed IFPRU of £125,000 regulatory capital, operating as a matched principal brokerage, is available for immediate sale.

The entity is regulated by FCA since 2016 and is able to onboard the following customer types:

  • Eligible Counterparty
  • Professional
  • Retail (Investment)

This FCA licensed IFPRU is permitted for:

  • Arranging (bringing about) deals in investments
  • Arranging safeguarding & administration of assets
  • Dealing in investments as agent
  • Dealing in investments as principal
  • Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments

The products the IFPRU is authorised for are:

  • Commodity Future
  • Commodity option and option on commodity future
  • Contract for Differences (excluding a spread bet and, a rolling spot forex contract and a binary bet)
  • Future (excluding a commodity future and a rolling spot forex contract)
  • Option (excluding a commodity option and an option on a commodity future)
  • Rights to or interests in investments (Contractually Based Investments)
  • Rights to or interests in investments (Security)
  • Rolling spot forex contract
  • Spread Bet

For additional information on this IFPRU (125K) FCA brokerage for sale, please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com.

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