The Attractiveness to Operate a Cyprus Investment Firm

Cyprus, an EU member, boasts a versatile economy is supported by a hospitable business atmosphere, an attractive tax system and where investment opportunities grow rapidly. A combination of attractive factors, such as, the straightforward corporate and tax enactment along with country’s stable tax policy has led Cyprus into becoming an appealing jurisdiction in which numerous new organisations set up making the country a noteworthy worldwide financial hub. As Cyprus is an EU member, companies that register under Cyprus legislation enjoy all the advantages of operating in an EU country.

Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) is one of the best choices for the provision of Investment Services in the EU and globally mainly due to the below factors:
– Attractive Tax framework: Cyprus holds one of the lowest corporate income tax rates (CIT) in EU at 12.5%. Also, a full exemption from tax on gains from trading in foreign dividends and securities makes the tax framework even more appealing to investors as it enables many options for international tax planning,
– Transparent Regulatory Environment: Cyprus offers a transparent and modern financial and regulatory framework,
– Cost-effectiveness: Without compromising in the quality of service, Cyprus offers professional services fees at a competitive and cost-effective level,
– EU passport: an Investment Firm (IF) authorised in Cyprus can be utilized for the provision of investment services from Cyprus in all EU markets, while it can likewise offer investment services to third countries,
– Multinational Environment: There are numerous foreign banks with fully-fledged headquarters located in Cyprus that manage to serve the vast majority of Cypriot organisations,
– Highly developed and efficient system: Cyprus is well known for its advanced level of corporate services offered by professionals who are highly skilled and experienced.

Despite being among the world’s smallest countries, Cyprus is considered one of the most significant financial hubs. Its trustworthy legal system, appealing tax framework, highly developed corporate services offered, and many other favourable factors have led Cyprus into becoming one of the most useful tools for EU and global framework.

The information provided in this article is for general information purposes only. You should always seek for professional advice suitable to your needs. 

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