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Since March 2020, in partnership with the Institute of Professional Excellence (IforPE), we have invested and created the Most Completed AML Preparation Course for the AML Certification by CYSEC. Following requests by many studying towards the AML examination, the SALVUS team has prepared a sample of test questions at the online platform of the IforPE. This short set of questions is available for free and it will give you a better idea as to the type and style of questions of the actual AML examination by CySEC.

Before proceeding to test yourself through the sample questions and prepare for your examination, you can also visit previously authored articles related to the Anti-Money Laundering Examination.

  • AML: Customer verification and deposits. In this commentary, we share the gist of the recent Circular C367, and particularly the
    • Customer due diligence (CDD) measures and procedures,
    • Construction of a customer economic profile,
    • Timing of application of Customer due diligence (CDD) measures,
    • Acceptance of deposits and CDD procedures,
    • Customer classification as low risk,
    • What happens when being unable to comply with the Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • AML: compliance culture and reporting obligations. In this commentary, we discuss the AML obligations of all stakeholders and their annual training requirements, and in particular,
    • How to establish a strong compliance culture,
    • The responsibilities of the Board of Directors (BoD),
    • The responsibilities of the Compliance function,
    • The responsibilities of the Internal Audit function,
    • The reporting Obligations.
  • AML: suspicious activity reporting and ML offences. In this commentary, we discuss
    • The similarities between ML and TF,
    • The risk indicators to identify suspicious activity,
    • The reporting process (internal and to MOKAS),
    • The ML offences and personal penalties,

Register for free Here to TEST Yourself for the AML Examination. Should you have any questions on the mock questions contact us at info@salvusfunds.com.

SALVUS team is comprised of Professional trainers and through the relevant workshops ensure that all candidates are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and can fulfill their assigned duties with competence. We would be excited to meet you at one of our workshops.

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CityAML WorkshopsLocation
Online Self-StudyInstitute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online24 and 29 September 2021Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online20 and 27 July 2021Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online14 and 21 May 2021Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online3 and 10 March 2021Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online27, 29 Jan, 5 Feb 2021Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online4,6,13 November 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online7,9,16 October 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online8,9,17 September 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online22,24,31 July 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online17,19, 26 June 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Live&Online20, 22, 29 May 2020Institute for Professional Excellence
Nicosia8, 10, 13 April 2020Postponed due to COVID-19
Limassol6, 7, 14 April 2020Postponed due to COVID-19
Nicosia4, 6, 9 March 2020In-House seminar, Nicosia
Limassol26,27 February,
5 March 2020
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Limassol

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