CySEC reporting deadline extensions

CySEC Reporting Obligations – extended deadlines 2022 (as of May 2022)

Recently, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) made several changes to the regulatory reporting deadlines CySEC regulated entities are obliged to comply with. Hence, Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF), Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM), and Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP) must now comply with the updated deadline extensions.

In the table below, our Regulatory Compliance team indicate the CySEC deadline extensions as of the 6th of May.

Regulatory Reporting Obligations DeadlinesOriginal Deadline
Extended Deadline
Quarterly Statistics Form QST - AIFM
30th of Apr
6th of May
Quarterly Statistics Form QST - CIF & CASP
30th of Apr
13th of May
Risk Based Supervision Framework (RBS-F) - AIFM18th of Jun
13th of May
Statement of Eligible Funds and Financial Instruments Form 87-07-07 and External Auditor Report Form 87-07-06 10th of May31st of May
Annual Audited Financial Statements30th of Apr31st of May
Annual Fees to CySEC Form 87-03-01
30th of Apr31st of May
Annual Auditor's Suitability Report
30th of Apr
31st of May
Annual Disclosure & Market Discipline Report
30th of Apr
31st of May
Risk Based Supervision Framework (RBS-F) - CIF & CASP18th of Jun
3rd of Jun
Liquidity Buffer Confirmation form 87-07-0520th of May20th of Jun
External Auditor's Verification Report on Pillar III Disclosures
31st of May
30th of Jun
Annual Audited Disclosure & Market Discipline Report
31st of May
30th of Jun
Audited Prudential Supervision Form 165-01 for Class 2 & Form 165-02 for Class 331st of May
30th of Jun
CIF will be notified for their ICF annual contribution fee10th of Jun
30th of Jun
ICF Annual contribution fee (if a discount applies)10th of July30th of Jul
ICF Annual contribution fee (if no discount applies)10th of Aug
30th of Aug

If you would like to visit the SALVUS Regulatory Reporting Obligations Calendar published at the start of 2022, please click here.

On the other hand, if you would like to get your updated SALVUS Regulatory Reporting Obligations Calendar for 2022 as a PDF download please click here.

At SALVUS, we understand the importance of meeting a reporting obligation thus, we aim to keep you up to date with the latest deadline extensions that CySEC regulated entities must comply with.

Contact us at info@salvusfunds.com or call us at +357 7000 7898 if you require assistance in meeting the regulatory reporting obligations or would like any additional information.


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