Investment Funds

An investment fund has been the vehicle for collectively investing for centuries. It is a versatile license that facilitates investment in various kinds of projects – from those aimed at generating returns above the market, to those acquiring stake in early-stage start-ups or those tackling climate change. It is thus an integral part of the global flow of capital and an investment fund license is a significant stepping stone towards realising a particular investment strategy.

The SALVUS Investment Funds Licensing team

We have a dedicated investment funds regulation and compliance team. All your questions are welcome at info@salvusfunds.com.

Our Investment Funds Licensing team at SALVUS has extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with investment funds. We offer a complete set of services dedicated to the setting up, managing, and administering of an investment fund. Further, our investment funds services include:

We can help you choose a suitable jurisdiction to establish a new fund or a sub-fund by considering your needs, tax system and regulation. We liaise with the national competent authority of the selected jurisdiction for the prompt preparation of the necessary documentation for your investment fund.

Additionally, we guide the establishment of new open-ended or closed-ended funds, with limited (AIFLNP) or unlimited persons (AIF or RAIF) in Cyprus. Members of our team may be appointed as the Risk Manager, Compliance Officer, or the Internal Auditor of your investment fund. Moreover, we assist our clients with the selection and appointment of non-executive directors, external auditors, legal advisors, investment managers as well as custodians/depositaries.

We approach the process of obtaining a license for your investment fund through a project management outlook. This entails comprehensive support from the moment we commence working together and continue to do so until after your license has been obtained. This is done to ensure your fund complies with the regulator in the chosen jurisdiction.

Ready-made licenses for acquisition or sale

Through our entity acquisition or sale support, we are active in dealing with existing investment fund licenses’ change of ownership, with either a seller’s or a buyer’s mandate. Our services include the identification of a target licensed entity based on your business needs, negotiation between parties, compliance and financial due diligence, and transaction facilitation.

Our Investment Funds Licensing team is ready to listen and support you in your investment fund license needs. We look forward to being of value and helping you obtain the most suitable license.

Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss your fund structure and the needs of your investment fund; we look forward to being of value.