Internal Audit Services

SALVUS provides a wide range of Internal Audit services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. The SALVUS Internal Audit team goes beyond the annual regulatory obligation by conducting interim internal audits. This involves monitoring our clients’ progress and focusing on the findings and weaknesses identified in last year’s report to ensure proper rectification.

The table below outlines the various Internal Audit services available, along with a description of what each service encompasses.

Internal Audit ServiceServices included
Internal Audit Function Outsourcing• Designated as the Company’s Internal Auditor
• Provision of Objective Assurance and Consulting on all business areas and operational matters, including:
o Corporate Governance
o Client Account Opening, Know your Customer, Customer Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering Procedures
o Accounting and Safeguarding of Client Funds
o Compliance Function
o Risk Management Function
o Provision of Investment and Ancillary Services
o Marketing, Business Development and Customer Support Departments
o Information Technology Department
Support to established Internal Audit Functions• Independent Assessment of the Internal Audit Plan and Methodology
• Consulting, Support and Training of the Internal Audit personnel
Thematic Internal Audit Reviews and Co-sourcing• Provision of Objective Assurance and Consulting on selected business areas and operational matters, including:
o Governance arrangements
o Organisational requirements
o Policies and procedures
o Regulatory Compliance
o Risk Management
o Anti-Money Laundering
o Market Abuse and Insider Dealing
o Best Execution
o Transaction Reporting
o Capital Adequacy / Prudential Supervision Framework
o Safeguarding of Client Funds
o Product Governance and Investor Protection
o Data Protection
Systems' Audit• Provision of Independent Assurance on the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information extracted from:
o Trading Platforms
o CRM/Back-Office Systems
o Transaction Monitoring Tools
o Surveillance Monitoring Tools
• Independent Assurance Reports mandated by supervisory authorities and foreign regulatory bodies, including:
o Assessment of all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and security-related activities.

At SALVUS, we tailor our services to your organisation’s specific requirements. Our approach begins by closely examining your business model, authorisation type, products and services, as well as clients and the markets you target. Additionally, we stay closely attuned to the directives issued by supervisory authorities.

The SALVUS Internal Audit team collaborates with your team to craft a customised Internal Audit Plan that aligns perfectly with your priorities and compliance needs.

If you are interested in discussing more about your Internal Audit needs, please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com; our Internal Audit team is ready to answer your questions.